Elizabeth Faith St Clair Edwards

b. 3rd October, 1922 - Allahabad, United Provinces, India

Baptised 21st Oct 1922 at All Saints Cathedral Church, Allahabad

 d. 2nd August, 1999 - Cardiff, Wales

 Please contemplate this Eulogy, written by her daughter, Valerie,
read at her funeral on 5th August, 1999 at Thornhill Crematorium, Cardiff, Wales.



 Father - Henry Charles Edwards

Mother - Faith Marjorie Bartley


Marjorie Gwynedd (Peggy) Edwards

David Edwards

 Married: Alfred Anthony Tennent 18th January, 1943 at Ranchi in the Chota Nagpur district, India.


Ewan Michael Tennent

Gwynn Christopher Tennent

Valerie Ann Tennent

Robert Charles Tennent

A brief family history, in her own words:

My husband and I were both born in India, he in Nagpur, Central Provinces on 24th
November, 1918, and I in Allahabad, United Provinces, on 3rd October, 1922.
His father was also born in India, though I do not know the full details. My father was
born in Cardiff, Wales, and only went to India in the 1914-18 War where he remained
after meeting and marrying my mother. My own marriage took place on the 18th January,
1943 in Ranchi in the Chota Nagpur district. We took up residence in Asansol, Bengal, as
my husband at the time was working in the Indian Standard Wagon Co. at Burnpur, and my
eldest son, Ewan Michael was born there on the 23rd August 1943, and baptized in the
Roman Catholic church in Asansol, though I cannot remember the name of the church.

My husband obtained an Emergency Commission in 1944, and in November of that year went to
Officers' Training School, first at Belgaum, and then on to Bangalore, and on the 15th July, 1945
passed out as 2nd lt. in the I.E.M.E. His personal number was IEC.12293 and his Military
Identity Card No.090550. While he was in the Officers' Training School I lived with my parents,
and my second son, Gwynn Christopher, was born in Dhanbad, Bihar, on the 2nd April 1945.
My husband was promoted to Lieutenant on 15th January 1946, to Acting Captain on 5th
August 1946, and Full Captain on 5th November, 1946.

When India obtained independence in August 1947, we were stationed at Kohat, N.W.F.P. and
having elected to remain in Pakistan, my husband's unit became a P.E.M.E. unit, his Personal
Number was changed to PEC.12293 and he was issued with a Pakistan Identity Card No.003188
on 24th August 1948. In the meantime my daughter, Valerie Ann, was born on 31st December 1947
in the Military Hospital, Peshawar, N.W.F.P. My husband obtained his release from the Service on
31st July 1949, his last Unit being 137 Inf. Workshop Company, P.E.M.E., Peshawar, and on the
13th September 1949, we arrived in Cardiff, where we have been ever since.

Cardiff r esidences: 34 Kincraig St, 18 Plasnewydd Place, 3 Pedair Erw Road