Alfred Anthony Tennent

b. 24th November 1918 - Nagpur, Central Provinces, India

 d. 6th May 1969 - Cardiff, Wales of "Hypertension and coronary atheroma"


Parents: Robert John Tennent, Lydia Muriel Nolan


Constance Josephine Tennent

Esme Tennent

Denzil Tennent

Oliver Patrick Tennent

Vernon Arthur Tennent

William (Billy) Joseph Tennent

Rex (Peter) Tennent

Yvonne Tennent

Edna Rita Joyce Tennent

June Hazel Tennent

 Married: Elizabeth Faith St Clair Edwards 18th January, 1943 at Ranchi in the Chota Nagpur district, India.


Ewan Michael Tennent

Gwynn Christopher Tennent

Valerie Ann Tennent

Robert Charles Tennent